Experiences are Worth More than Material Things

Experiences are priceless. While a product will get old and lose value over time, our memories and learnings from each adventure we take will forever be with us. Sure memories fade. We may not remember the exact date we visited our favourite country, the name of the first kind-hearted local person who helped us find our way in a foreign country, or the name of that beautiful monument we snapped a hundred photos of. But the feelings we experienced never go away. The challenges we face on each of these adventures make us grow stronger. The beauty from these trips gifts us with a sense of wonder and contentment. Each trip expands our mind. Not one in particular is life-changing; rather, over time, the collective experiences have together changed us into better people. … More Experiences are Worth More than Material Things

The Kindness of Strangers: A Tale of fate and fortune in Morocco’s Conservative South

I recently read the amazing Lonely Planet book called The Kindness of Strangers: Tales of Fate and Fortune on the Road by Don George. It’s a wonderful collection of real-life stories by travellers who encountered random acts of kindness on the road to anywhere, often in strangest of circumstances and certainly never expected or required. Sometimes, unfortunately these wonderful acts of kindness get lost in negative situations that arise when on the road as world travelers, or get muddled by negative news stories that skew people’s perception of a country and its people. But after reading these real-life incredible examples of pure kindness, it is no exaggeration to say it has the power, on the most negative of days, to restore our very faith in humanity. It also made me think of my own tales of fate and fortune. We all have them. But we often don’t get our chance to publish them. So here we go …

Countless of such “random” acts have warmed my heart on so many adventures I’ve embarked on. One, in particular, in a small town in Morocco’s conservative south, particularly stands out … … More The Kindness of Strangers: A Tale of fate and fortune in Morocco’s Conservative South